Let It Be Sunday, 339!


Chums! Howdy and overjoyed Sunday! I’m again at The Bakehouse in Unique Orleans.  Will drove Tron and me again from Houston final Saturday. The flexibility used to be relaxed, Tron settled in, I rested my eyes.  As we neared Unique Orleans, the bushes along the parkway had been roughly sheered in half of. It is … Read more

Let It Be Sunday, 338!


September 5, 2021 by joythebaker 33 Comments Hi there, chums! It’s your lady, reporting live from a brand new TJMaxx jumpsuit  in a chum’s eating room in Houston, TX. Turns out the tiny find of bike clothes doesn’t translate properly into existence as a hurricane evacuee however thank goodness for a debit card and a … Read more

Let It Be Sunday, 337!


Howdy dear mates! I’m so ecstatic you’re right here this Sunday! We’ve a exact treat for you this morning. My buddy Kim Stanley Baldwin brings you this day’s reads. Kim is a honorable author and a really hilarious truth-teller in her writing and in her friendship. She’s a gem of a human. Those are the … Read more

Let It Be Sunday, 336!


Hello friends! Soft Sunday from your licensed baker on the back of a motorcycle. I’m in Northern California with Will at my family reunion. We hang too primary meals and more water weapons than of us it’s all going in actuality neatly  my coronary heart is plump up. This week’s Sunday reads come from my … Read more

Let It Be Sunday, 334!


Howdy chums!  Overjoyed Sunday! How are you this morning? I hope you’re utilizing this latest delta wave of the panini as simplest that you can. It’s all factual exasperating and I hope that everyone you indulge in is staying properly.  I’m in search of to expertise these leisurely summer days. There’s a sweetness to the … Read more

Let It Be Sunday, 333!


August 1, 2021 by joythebaker Depart a Comment Howdy chums! Welcome to Sunday!  I was lucky passable to use most of my week at a savor pool in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with two dear girlfriends who additionally turned 40 this summer time.  For years Whitney, Dean, and I known as ourselves the DeCadillac sister after … Read more