Let It Be Sunday, 330!

Whats up expensive chums, satisfied Sunday! 

It’s dinnertime on Saturday night and a technique or the opposite I have popcorn popping on the range. It regarded more easy than microwaving leftover from two nights previously however in the end the popcorn will fair be more fun to eat.  I’ll gather myself rummaging in the fridge for Second Dinner leftovers in about two hours, to be sure that.

Tron likes popcorn, too.  He supplies me a paw as a reminder.  I blow off the salt and seasoning and supplies him just a few pieces as we scramble. 

The week after a transient summer time shuttle is laborious to accumulate into. My mind has said merely, no (however thank you).  After I did arrange to answer to an electronic mail it’s been met true now with an out of place of job answer.  One draw or the opposite the truth that all people else is on shuttle hasn’t pushed my closing dates any father down the twin carriageway. It’s ok – we got it done this week, at a snail’s budge. 

For the the rest of the weekend I’m focusing on striking my laundry away and eating the food in my fridge. Existence is a mode of minute issues and so that they aren’t all invaluable (however they are, aren’t they?).

How are you? Are you vacationing with chums? Having coffee with your loved ones?  In the early solar? Taking factual care? Preserving your ft on the ground? 

The providing this week is beneath.  I’m so satisfied you’re here and I am hoping you snatch completely what you may well per chance per chance like: 

  I enjoyed this fragment the most this week: Extra Noodles Extra Existence (The Recent York Instances) 

  Please revel on this apt serene tune: Recent Water in an Empty Vase. I with out a doubt esteem Natalie’s songwriting.  If somebody told me to write down a tune I mediate I’d fair explore at a blank fragment of paper forever.  There’s a magic in there I admire so worthy.  (Spotify) 

  This weekend I listened to this Matrimoniology Ologies podcast about the science (or as a minimal compare) in the abet of marriage.  I beloved it. It’s about human intimacy in marriage relationships. As a non-married person I accumulate bored stiff in the minute definitions of marriage as fair “appropriate esteem” and “laborious work”.  Dr. Karney place some deeper thoughts in the abet of this “laborious work” y’all are repeatedly talking about.  It’s how you’re employed collectively collectively – and the draw you’re employed collectively collectively if you occur to’ve gotten variations.  Is your companion wonderful of empathy and compromise if you occur to the two of you have gotten variations? The answers inner of those questions are the anatomy of a heathy or challenged marriage. (Apple Podcasts) 

 The Humorous memoir Became Never On Jennifer Coolidge and apparently we portion the identical esteem for Saint-Germain’s crudite, ok woman.  (Vulture) 

  It’s all long past to pot.  Huge Jones Cookware and the Phantasm of the Millennial Qualified. However… I imply we understand it’s repeatedly been a nonsense phantasm, trusty? (The Recent Yorker) 

 The Satan Wears Prada and the Narrative of the One and Handiest “Mountainous Spoil”. Wow wow wow let’s explore spherical and care on your total work boundaries we situation for ourselves now so we can dwell the satisfied lives we deserve.  (Harper’s Bazaar)

 The lie of “expired” food. This rings a bell in my memory of toothpaste companies making the outlet of tubes wider so other folks would use more toothpaste than they obligatory and have interaction it more progressively and can all people fair end kinda lying that’d be invaluable. (Vox) 

 “On the tip of her long existence the old, old lobster lay down and grew to become”. An all the issues-is-all the issues type illustrated poem price clicking against, I promise. (Instagram) 

  Ten years later, the “Grey’s Anatomy” musical episode is easy a ridiculous, iconic TV flex.  Can you declare I’ve been deep into my leisurely night rewatching?  (The Ringer)

  Final week’s tenting featured Carrot Salad which a technique or the opposite lasts for a week in the fridge and stays savory. (Joy the Baker)  

  I mediate I’ll add this to my future tenting menu: Honey Mustard Salmon with Caramelized Carrots (The Kitchn) 

  We’ve restocked our jam collaboration with Jamboree Jams:  Strawberry Chamomile Jam is made of the finest Louisiana strawberries and in the neighborhood grown chamomile.  We’re planning to have a jam making class with Jamboree this fall, have ready! (The Bakehouse Nola) 

  My buddy Cara stroke a chord in my memory that Bon Iver’s For Emma, Perpetually Ago came out 13 years previously this week and we had a long text chat reminiscing about the boys we were attempting to esteem formula abet then. (Spotify) 

•  It’s BLT season.  (Joy the Baker) 

Experience this Sunday! 

My esteem to you.

xo Joy

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