Let It Be Sunday, 337!

Howdy dear mates! I’m so ecstatic you’re right here this Sunday! We’ve a exact treat for you this morning. My buddy Kim Stanley Baldwin brings you this day’s reads. Kim is a honorable author and a really hilarious truth-teller in her writing and in her friendship. She’s a gem of a human. Those are the staunch forms of different folks we procure spherical right here. As the least bit times, compile pleasure from and capture easiest what you’ll want to. Here’s Kim: 

Greetings from Nashville – all over again! Man, shout-out to Joy for vivid which metropolis has the staunch writers. I child, I child. Properly, no longer about Nashville having the staunch writers, nonetheless about me being one in every of them. I am merely a human lady on the net dwelling her lifestyles one feral cat at a time. (theblondemule.com)

I know you might well be ready to’t hear my negate, nonetheless a few of you also can know me from my podcast, Ladyland, which Joy has been on twice. She even subsidized our most as a lot as the moment season, which appropriate wrapped. P.S. You’ve bought her brunch and cake mixes at Williams-Sonoma, merely? Riiiiiiight? K, let’s enact this. (Ladyland.negate/ Williams Sonoma)

• Considered one of the most aforementioned Nashville writers I’m fortunate to know is Future Birdsong. I’m the least bit times in scare of writers who show the total truth, truth that stings your eyes and catches in your chest. Future does appropriate that in her most as a lot as the moment House/Girl/Properly being column for Catapult.

•  Considered one of my favourite things is a celeb profile written by a precise desirable person. It’s the Gemini Rising in me. So clearly I devoured this Conceitedness Gorgeous portion by Tressie McMillan Cottom on Sean Combs, aka Puff Daddy, aka Diddy, aka that’s too many nicknames, sir.

•  I’m a 9/11 survivor and I even possess rather a few media scare throughout the newscycle between now and the 20th anniversary of the attacks. After I seen this Atlantic article making the rounds, I bookmarked it, nonetheless couldn’t bring myself to read it. There used to be in the raze a day that I used to be already crying, so I sat down and skim it. It’s an very supreme looking portion.

•  Fresh flooding has devastated parts of West Tennessee. These communities need wait on in case you’ve obtained it to offer. There’s a relief fund at The Neighborhood Basis of Middle Tennessee and an Amazon procuring checklist at Neighborhood Resource Center Nashville.

‘•  Make you possess effort giving your self permission to sit down down down and sight a total dang movie? I know I enact. Legal knowledge, Lindy West is right here for us. She began a publication called Butt News (lolz) the set apart she assigns a movie to sight and then she writes a hilarious recap. It’s…the staunch factor nearly about 2021?

•  Book suggestions are my cherish language. It’s the used bookseller in me (shout-out Parnassus Books!). I highly indicate Shit, Indubitably on audiobook. It’s written and skim by Lindy West. If you’re novel to Libro.fm, compile 2 books for the associated rate of 1 ($14.99) by the utilization of code LADYLAND at checkout.

•  Speaking of things that will make you chortle, could well well also I introduce you to Joy the Baker giving relationship advice? ICYMI: we did an advice episode on this season of Ladyland and Joy is answering a request of about staying merely to your self while relationship. And in case you fancy that, whisk benefit and focus to Joy’s plump episode from season 2 right here. (Ladyland.negate)

•  How did Joy and I changed into mates? Happy you requested! I went to The BakeAway in 2018 and extroverted my technique staunch into a friendship. I truly wrote in regards to the abilities right here, nonetheless if this world ever chills out adequate for you to wait on an IRL Bakehouse class, I highly indicate it. (theblondemule.com/ thebakehousenola.com)

•  I haven’t figured out make Julia Turshen my buddy (but!), nonetheless I’m this form of fan of her cookbooks. Make you possess the novel one, Merely Julia? It’s so merely. You also can get a reproduction right here. Also! Julia made merch! Exercise me out in these streets wearing this one. (guide place.org/ teepublic)

•  I employ rather a few time all in favour of who makes expend of Fb. I’m a social media strategist, so I even want to serve a FB profile, nonetheless most of my mates possess deleted theirs. Are you silent on FB? If so, is it on account of one in every of these reasons?

•  They don’t name Nashville ‘Song City’ for nothing. This metropolis is teeming with talented musicians. Considered one of my faves is Adia Victoria. I’ve been streaming her novel single “Magnolia Blues” nonstop. The plump album, Southern Gothic, comes out on September 17. (adiavictoria.com/ spotify.com

•  Considered one of my favourite writers is Roxane Homosexual. I cherish her books, her publication, her guide club – all of it. She used to be no longer too lengthy ago in conversation with Jenny Saville speaking about Fatness & Feminism, for Arts in The United States. It’s this form of merely read. (artnews.com)

•  Thanks so mighty for reading my lil compilation of hyperlinks! If you appreciated this, you might well fancy my essay Monday Morning Nudes. It’s my first published essay and I’d be so grateful in case you read it. (nashvillescene.com)

Joy, I’m terrified that you agreed to employ 2 weeks on a motorcycle, nonetheless I’m extremely ecstatic to jot down this submit for you. Give my cherish to Tron. xoxo, Kim

I cherish you, Kim. Thanks for sharing this with all of us! It’s warm and hilarious and helps appropriate the set apart we favor. I’m off the motorcycle. I also possess a large stroll I hope goes benefit to customary soon. Nonetheless really, I’m ready to compile benefit on the bike. After we variety all of this hurricane industry. Take care of us in your thoughts, everyone and Kim- please attain benefit to our Sundays soon!

My cherish to you all. 


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