Let It Be Sunday, 338!

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Hi there, chums! It’s your lady, reporting live from a brand new TJMaxx jumpsuit  in a chum’s eating room in Houston, TX. Turns out the tiny find of bike clothes doesn’t translate properly into existence as a hurricane evacuee however thank goodness for a debit card and a good deal store. 

Welcome to every other magnificent Sunday within the arena. 

This week so many folks got blown around and flooded by Madame Storm Ida, and wow she modified into a doozy. I modified into magnificent strolling again from my most epic motorcycle twin carriageway shuttle with Will as I modified into making an are attempting to acquire whether or not or not to soar lend a hand to Recent Orleans to evacuate Tron, or soar lend a hand to Recent Orleans to climate the storm with Tron, or depend on my trusted condominium sitters and neighbors. As with storms although, you blueprint a decision with the records you have faith after which the records adjustments and you’ve much less time to react.

That’s repeatedly the manner and even unruffled I primarily feel cherish I didn’t react quickly ample. Tron weathered the storm on his own. My roof held. My backyard might maybe well moreover want a cleanup crew with chain saws. I’ll ward off out this mural. Hindsight is 20/20 and I’m sitting with the classes. Baton down the hatches, find thy stuff and chase.

Here I am in Houston. Grateful, agreeable, properly cared for by Will, his family, and our chums. Tron modified into cared for my a rotating cast of improbable neighbors sooner than he made his astronomical spoil out with two folks and two other cats about a days after the storm.

Strength is out all the device via the city- has been for days however it’s slowly returning. The levees held. Town will slowly near lend a hand to existence as she repeatedly does. I’ll ward off out this mural. Areas initiating air the city have faith been devastated however per chance you’ve by no scheme heard of La Affirm, Houma, or Jefferson parish. So many parts of the material of southern Louisiana have faith been affected however don’t splash all the device via the records cherish every other storm within the city of Recent Orleans on the sixteenth anniversary of Katrina.

When you happen to’re so inclined to donate to organizations with boots on the ground I can counsel Cajun Navy, Feed The Second Line, and United Houma Nation.

I’m afraid I don’t have faith hyperlinks for you this week. I’m penning this very post from my iPhone which is extra pc than phone however unruffled not entirely thought for this invent of work.  My world has felt small this previous week with texts in regards to the contentsof my fridge to discard and chums scattered all the device via east Texas and Birmingham. I’m stuffed with gratitude although!

I did magnificent desire to blueprint certain that I said hi there and wished you properly at the original time. 

My prayer this weekend is for all people plagued by Ida. My neighbors in Louisiana and our chums within the north east who didn’t know she modified into such a beast till it modified into too late. I pray for fortitude.

Have a lovely weekend. To find it the total manner simple. Oh! Weren’t our guest posts from Toby and Kim the final two weeks magnificent glorious? Let’s discontinuance extra of that.

Fetch pleasure from the final unofficial weekend of summer. I’ll leer you next week with extra. We’re going elephantine-on autumn this September. I’m ready for it. You?

My cherish to you.

Xo Pleasure

ps. Please forgive me if there are extra typos than in vogue in this post.

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